Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Now 6 kids, still waiting for a few more

Yesterday was the most difficult birth that we have yet experienced, and I got to experience most of it all by myself. Lucille gave us one little girl, and I am very surprised (and now much relieved) that she only had one. Lucille is our oldest goat, the black Saanen that we first purchased with 2 white kids (Helen and Jack). Goats can have 2 or 3 kids, especially after their first year, but last year and this she only had one in there. She looked as large or larger than the rest of the mamas, but one day later...I am sure she is done. :)

When I checked on her, she had just a little baby nose sticking out the business end. A little black baby nose with the tongue sticking out. She was struggling to push out the whole kid, but it was not in the right position. They are supposed to come out feet first with the head right after. This one had the feet and legs tucked back under its little body.

The good news is that new little girl and mom survived my help. The not so good news is that I was out there for almost 2 hours pulling on the kid's head as hard as I could until I could finally grab it by the shoulders. Not easy. Not fun for any of us. Calls to 3 different vets for help provided me with the info I needed—large quantity of baby oil! I won't share any more of the gory details with you other than to say I did 2 loads of laundry when all was said and done. And took 2 showers.

Poor Lucille! And poor little girl with the longest neck ever (sorry!!!!). Both are doing very well, as far as I can tell.

In the large pic above, little Roger Ramjet (brown one) brother of Bowie Jr (black one) is still struggling to stay alive. He was born on Friday and is still not feeding from Beatrice. We have had him in the house in our laps a few times, he made a trip to the vet, and he spent last night in the bathtub (much to the delight of Woody and Cyrus!). Even with all of our attempts to revive him, he still just won't turn it around and perk up. But he must have a strong will to live because he is still hanging in there. Say a little prayer for Roger.

The second photo is Rosie with her 2 kids who were born on Sunday. The larger light-colored boy had a little difficulty making his way into the world. Only now in this photo can I see that he is missing the hair on one whole side. Ouch, must have been uncomfortable being stuffed in mom's belly all that time! The second Bowie look-alike is actually a girl! Yay! Much smaller than her brother, but still very cute.

We decided to name only the Bowie look-alikes with David Bowie-related names. The first kid born was Ziggy Stardust. He does not look like his dad, but we couldn't help it, he was the first.

So Rosie's girl and Lucille's girl will probably be Angie, and Jean Jeannie. Still working on a name for light boy. And, if we get another Bowie boy—Major Tom!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

More kids: 4 boys, 1 girl total

Beatrice and Bowie Jr.

Zena and Ziggy Stardust
Twins: Roger Ramjet and Bowie Jr.
Beatrice nosing the David Bowie look alike above. Cutest picture gets first dibs.

Pics to the right are kids in order of appearance. One of the youngest, Zena, gave us Ziggy Stardust on Tuesday. She is an excellent mother, especially considering it is her first time kidding.

Friday morning Beatrice gave us twin boys: Roger Ramjet and Bowie Jr. Roger has been struggling to stay alive. Even a trip to the vet and multiple hours of resting in our laps inside, and resting in the bathtub for even more hours, and we still cannot tell if he will make it or not. But he is trying.

And this afternoon Rosie provided us with another honey-colored boy who is twice the size of his Bowie-colored sister. Not the best at sexing baby goats right after their birth, so I could be wrong, but pretty sure the last one is a little girl. (My God I look old in that picture!)

I will do a better job of posting when things settle down a bit. We still have 4 pregnant goats, and it is snowing something fierce out there, and Cyrus is having a blast barking at all of the deer who show up really well in the snow!

Some day soon we will all settle down.
Bowie Jr. and Ziggy

Rosie with her new boy
Rosie gave us the first girl (I think)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One day old

Didn't you know it was Take Your Baby Goat to Work Day?

Brought the little one in to the newspaper office to share the cuteness.

He was loved by all, but I think he likes me the best.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let the fun begin!

Not much to say except the wait is over. First kid of 2017! Pretty sure he's a boy.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sunny and Sleepy. Still no kids.

Sun today, after days of clouds and snow flurries. These boys (and their mama) are just being lazy today, hanging out in the sun.

We had some visitors from way down South for Mr. David Bowie today. They were here last year on the day we brought him home. He was just a tiny little boy to pick up and cuddle. Now Mr. Bowie is the king of the hill, waiting just like the rest of us for all of his little children to appear.

So much cuteness on the way...but, in the meantime, pictures of lazy boys in the house.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Goats Aplenty

We believe that Mr. David Bowie has done his duty and that there are several really adorable kids coming our way soon—we just don't know when. Lucille, Rosie and Beatrice, the oldest of the does, are all definitely pregnant, and each could bring us 2, or even 3 kids. The younger does—Rita, Blossom, Rika and Zena—are probably also pregnant, but probably 1 kid for each as they are all just a year old.

This is an exciting time of year, just waiting for the little ones to show up. The does do all of the hard work and we just stand by and watch. It is a beautiful event to witness if we are lucky enough to catch them giving birth.

Last year, sadly, Lucille gave birth to a dead kid. That was the first time we have had any problem. If you follow this blog, you will also remember that is why we adopted Mr. Bowie. Lucille was crying, mourning the loss of her kid, and we could not bear to see her in pain like that. But, being Lucille, she wanted nothing to do with that little kid with the big floppy ears, so we ended up bottle-feeding him and milking her.

We have Mr. Bowie up for sale right now. Given that we are expecting to increase our numbers from 10 to 17, or even 20, it is time to start selling. As much as we both love this sweet boy, he is a purebred Nubian, which means that we can sell him for more $$$, and that the buyer who pays big $$$ probably won't be sending him to the butcher. I have someone possibly interested. She has several Nubian does who would find him very attractive. And he is!

Monday, January 2, 2017

A rooster unloved and cats under trees

Big Roo, who has always been a well behaved young man, got left out in the cold last night, and it was really cold. The Husband found him early this morning hanging out in the wood pile next to the garage. At least he survived the cold and the coyotes I heard out there last night!

Young Roo, who was born here, the one who was disowned by both of his 2 mommies, likes to think he is the tough guy and (I guess) takes it out on the big guy. Won't happen again. Watch yourself, Young Roo, there is this guy I know who would find you delicious.

Legless Cats Under Trees
Above left: B&E's cat PeeWee being a present under their tree in Florida.
Above right: Our very own Monkey Cat thought he might test out that pose as well.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Most certainly a mess in the morning...

I guess this is our new Christmas tradition—wait for them to open their gifts, and then begin the recycling of all that wrapping paper.

Hope that your Christmas morning was equally messy and fun!

(At least they waited for us to open the gifts.)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!

May all your Christmas dreams come true!

PS: I, Cyrus, am not the guilty one, even though most of you have guessed it was me. The other one, sleeping peacefully on the sofa behind me right now, will most certainly make another mess in the morning. But we still love him...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What you wish for

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Are you sure?

We are supposed to pick up a Christmas tree and our Christmas cards at the printer today. When it looks like this outside, it makes me not want to leave the living room. (I opened the window to take these photos. No, I did not go outside.)

Just the thought of walking around trying to find the perfect tree when it is windy and cold, and the trees are all covered in snow. And then bringing it home in the back of the new truck and having it all covered in snow...again. Brrrr!

Cyrus is thinking he might like to be out there chasing critters, but it looks like even he is thinking twice about it.

Woody is still snoozing on the sofa with his blanket draped over him.

We might just skip our walk today.