Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Deer in the coop

The Husband has made friends with 2 of our young deer—Little Bucky, and this one Little Doe. She was inside the coop eating their food when I walked out to close them up.

They both show up (separately) almost every morning when he puts chicken feed out there, and now that it has been so wickedly cold, he has been leaving some corn for them at night. They don't seem especially fearful of us, even when there's a dog on the leash. And they have no fear at all of the dogs' frenzied barking from inside the house or even from in the dog fence in the back. They just stand and stare...which just creates more frenzy...

Other news from the dog fence: no more rabbit tracks in the cold. Silly rabbits have taken to hanging out inside the fence, probably hiding under the deck close to the house for heat. Problem is, same frenzied dogs are watching every minute of every day, and have captured and killed 3 in the past week or 2. I just pray the rest of the bunny population takes note and moves on. Getting tired of hurling dead bunnies over the fence into the field when I am out there in the cold, in my PJs. Who knew this would be my life?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just as chilly, just as lazy

I have pretty much the same photos from today that I took last week of the dogs and cats being lazy in the living room, with me, by the woodstove, in the sunshine. Top one of Cyrus is the only one that has come through from my phone thus far.

Although the weather reached a tropical 64° on Friday, by Saturday we were back to a high of 10° and a low of -13° (or something like that) it's hard to keep track of all these below 0° temperatures.

Second pic is Woody on the covered porch—meaning covered with a roof—which did not keep it from being covered in snow. Not only the frigid temps, also the wicked wind has been making sure the snow covers everything.

So happy we have the woodstove. It just makes winter, even the ugly days, that much more enjoyable. Handsome husband and other boys in the house are icing on the cake!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rabbits dancing in the cold

Bunny rabbits seem to be the only ones who don't mind the frigid weather. They drive the dogs almost as crazy as Little Bucky (young deer boy) who hangs out just outside the living room windows with no fear of barking dogs.

The rabbits have also found their way inside the dog fence, leaving their tracks and scent all over to make said almost-house-bound dogs lose their minds.

They do make nice dancing patterns in the snow every morning though! They're good for that!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year on this even colder New Year's Day!

Starting off 2018 with some truly frigid weather, -13° at 9 am. At least we can all stay warm inside with the woodstove a-blazing, but the animals are left to do their best to stay warm out in the cold.

All of our "barns" are unheated. There is a good thick layer of straw/hay/poo on the floor that helps to keep them warm, that along with some serious snuggling with each other. This photo from yesterday shows all 3 piggies right up against each other with bodies in the house to protect from the wind, big heads out to catch some warmth from the sun.

Body heat and heavy coats work pretty well for the goats. Chicken bodies are kept warm by feather coats, but combs and feet are in danger of getting frostbite. Dogs and cats are all warm in the house with us, but it's supposed to get even colder in a few days.

I don't think the outside animals are celebrating this happy holiday...

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas on this cold winter's day!

When it's this cold (and windy) outside, and this warm inside, nobody, not even the dogs, cares about going for a walk.

Now that I have a working oven, we had a nice crispy roasted duck for our Christmas dinner, along with some scalloped potatoes and salad. Maybe a few little eclairs for dessert, along with some chocolate truffles from Middle Sis in Oregon. Middle Sis who is spending her Christmas at some resort condo on the beach in Oregon. No we are not jealous, we love the cold, and the wind... What we really love is the woodstove. Especially the WoodMan loves his woodstove...

Don't know how he hasn't singed his pretty self for how close he sleeps next to it.

Cyrus is more interested in critter watching. They are easier to see when the ground is coated in white.

Monkey is exhausted from sneaking in to play with the ornaments on the tree (see previous post).

Only Willie is missing from the photos. He spends almost all day upstairs, but just this last week or 2 he has been getting brave and coming downstairs again. He actually spent a few short minutes in my lap on the sofa while Woody was sleeping at the other end.

As you can see here, Monkey does not fear the dogs. He kinda likes them. And they kinda like him too.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bad Monkey and finally baking again

I was on the phone with Evie discussing how she had to remove all the ornaments from the bottom of her tree because of her cats, and I had just finished saying that Monkey has been really good this year about not messing with our tree. No sooner do I say that than he decides it would be a good idea to knock off a few...

(Check out the Ziggy ornament from 1982!)

I am pleased to report that the new oven works well. I made cornbread last night, puffy apple pancake this morning. The new GE makes adorable little beeping sounds when it is up to temperature, when the timer goes off...

If it lasts me 10 years I will be extremely happy (and very old at that point). If it lasts me 5 years it will be better than all of the new appliances we bought when we built this house...

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Early Christmas presents for both of us

Both of us got our presents before Christmas this year, and both were not easily found. Had to travel to NJ for the Martin guitar, but the battle was much harder fought for the new GE Profile oven...OMG!...finally successfully installed this afternoon. If you look closely, you can see Woody's reflection next to mine in the oven door. He was very much in charge of the installation, and not happy with Matt from Bello Electric having to take a saw to the cabinets. Happy that The Husband was not here to witness that either. You might also notice Little Sista's puppy inspecting the new guitar.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I finally got the Christmas tree lit and decorated. It has been a rough few weeks: busy working, persistent cough gone nasty, scary read on a mammo that turned out to be nothing, new oven doesn't fit in the hole... Ho Ho Ho!

Got the tree a bit late from Salo's, our favorite local tree farm. It is mighty crooked and misshapen, but I am pretty sure it is the more elusive balsam fir which smells great. Now that most of the decorations and all of the lights are on, it looks like a real tree. (Notice tree tilting forward, cat waiting to remove all ornaments, dogs sleeping and do not care.)

Went to NJ last weekend and accomplished a lot, including delivering Little Sister's well deserved new artificial tree, picking up Husband's well deserved new Martin guitar from an old high school friend, going to Colleen's baby shower and hanging out with all of my forever NJ Hanrahan (and other) friends, visiting with BFWB (best friend work buddy) Maryellen and having the added joy of meeting her 2 adorable grandsons and Junior (DH) the grown puppy, and delivering some fresh eggs and a Christmas card to my new favorite renters Lisa and Holly. Between the baby shower and ME visit I got to drive through Atlantic City all lit up and looking pretty at night. Should have gotten a photo of that!

A whirlwind tour to be sure.

As for the new oven: it is still sitting just inside the front door. With any luck (not my usual appliance luck!!!) it will be installed tomorrow.

Pictures to follow. Good or bad.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Goat mayhem, RIP my oven

Mayhem in the goat barn with the arrival of Mikey, the rented Boer stud man. Our very own stud man, Johnny Cash (pictured right, with Lucille) is not ready for action. Even when Roger, Jack and Rico are trying to instruct him, he just doesn't seem to understand. We can only hope that he will mature in time for next year's duties.

Mikey was a very polite young man riding in the back of the Kia for 10 miles or so. They say he is quite the talker, but he did not have much to say on the way here.

He is staying with us as long as necessary. Within minutes of his arrival he was sniffing the air and looking for the ladies. Pretty sure he will be ready for action whenever the girls get over their initial shock of "new man in the house". Big Jack (above photo) appears equally stunned.

My latest chapter in the continuing Appliance Nightmares, is that the Maytag oven died completely a few months ago. Over the last couple of years, it had a few mini-strokes that rendered most of the keypad unusable, and then the big one hit and nothing at all worked except for the obnoxious blue clock that could not be adjusted.

Now all of the kitchen appliances that were only installed in 2010 have been replaced. The only 2 that were still in working order were a very old microwave, and the Thermador cooktop that I trash-picked from someone's kitchen rehab. Appliance guy told me they only make them to last 7 years... Hmmm...

No more Maytags for me.

New GE Profile oven coming Saturday. Let's hope it has a longer life than its predecessor.