Friday, February 23, 2018

Even more beautifuller! :)

I posted yesterday about going from snow to green and back to snow. It was a really wet snow which came down pretty quickly, and looked lovely even though it was covering the green. This first pic is from when I was walking my beagle friend Emma around noon.

The Husband came home early and we decided to walk over to the horse farm across from us and take some more photos as the sun was going down, but at least it was shining again. Although the eagles were not in their nest, we got some beautiful photos, and Woody had a great time being a kook after he pulled out of his collar...again...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Seeing green again…

…but not for long!

I think it hit 70° yesterday morning. Sun was shining, ice and snow melting, able to see the grass again!

But by mid-afternoon the skies turned gray, it rained some, and the temperature dropped to 48°. To make up for all that melted snow, we are getting more this morning. The first big pic is from about 10 am, the second from 2 pm.

It is still February, so not a real surprise.

I think the nice weather was more shocking to everyone and everything yesterday. What looked like honey bees, not wasps but not sure, were in all of the feed bowls. In the pig pen and the chicken yard, nowhere near each other at either end of our driveway, all of the feed bowls were covered in bees. I guess the normal bee food is not available this time of year.

Poor Johnny Be Good had to make his way through the mud to fight off the bees to get to his food.

I don't know which is worse, the mud or the ice which preceded it. I had to buy ice cleats for both of us just to get from the garage to the house. Now the ice is almost all gone, but the mud is deep (look at Johnny up to his knees!) and covered in snow. But at least it's a sign that spring is almost here. Yay for that!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Taste of Spring

My car, Emma's house

The Herkimer Creek goes past Dr Pam's
as well as our house. Finally the ice has melted
off the top and you can see water again.
I noticed while walking my friend's beagle Emma yesterday, that the birds are returning from their winter retreat, wherever that may have been. It was in the 50°s and sunny, so they picked a good time to come back.

All winter we have had a pair of cardinals, plenty of crows, chickadees and phoebes, and a couple of hawks around, but the eagles were sadly missing from their nest across the street. I think that ugly March snowstorm caused them to lose their babies last year, and we have not seen very much of them since. There is a second nest now, quite close to the other one, but I haven't really seen the eagles in there either—until about 2 weeks ago—they're back in both nests!

When I walk Emma on our normal route to Dr. Pam's, I am starting to see and hear more birds. Yesterday I saw a Downy Woodpecker, and heard some other birds singing that I did not recognize.

We still have several inches of melting snow on the ground, but at least most of the ice is gone. Just a taste of spring before it gets cold again...

Dr. Pam is selling her vet practice, house, and horse farm. It all comes with this beautiful piece of property and plenty of birds. She has eagle visitors often, and has a bird cam set up to capture them in action. She has some fantastic photos that I will have to get her to send me sometime soon.

Monday, February 12, 2018

No Eagles parade here...but we do have turkeys on parade!

I know there are plenty of wild turkeys up here, but I have only seen them once on our property in the 10 years or so we have been up here.

So earlier today, the boys are sleeping soundly on the sofa (and looking awfully cute together I might add) and I am goofing off on the computer when I should be working, and out of the corner of my eye I catch these guys strutting on by!

They move fast! No chance of getting outside to take a real photo!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday!

We spent this Super Bowl Sunday as we do most—home alone with no TV. Little Sis has been great about keeping us up-to-date on the score, and as of this minute (8:55 pm) Eagles are winning 22-19. Not sure if that will last, but happy for Dad's favorite team if they can make it to the end!

Mom and Dad would watch the game together, and Mom and I would comment on the players. My favorite comment of hers: "he's a fatty, fatty boom-a-latty". Don't remember the player's name, but they called him "The Fridge" as in as large as a refrigerator.

We had some unpredicted snow up here today. I think they were calling for a couple of inches, but it is still snowing and I think we have about 10". First pic is me going out to close up chickens in the coop at about 5 pm, after the driveway had already been cleared once. Other pics are me letting the dogs in at about 6:30 on our covered porch in the back. Covered with a roof, but still covered in snow.

They don't care about the snow or the game...

But Sis does: 29-19 Eagles at 9 pm.

Think Sis is sleeping. 38-33 Eagles at 10 pm.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wacky dog yoga

Let me start by saying that I have never tried yoga, and that is not me in the photo. My friend Maryellen and I were discussing goat yoga, which is definitely a "thing" and there is even a nearby farm in Gilbertsville that offers it. If I were inspired to do yoga, I think I would prefer it without the help of adorable goats...

We have enough adorable goats here who do not practice yoga. I am happy with that.

So Maryellen had not heard of goat yoga, but said that her dog Junior is very excited every time she gets out her yoga mat. We have always known that Junior had similarities to our wacky Woody, but not until she sent this photo did I realize that they must be twin brothers.

Poor ME, I am the one responsible for sending her the cute puppy photo of what grew up to be a totally wacky Junior. Who knew cuteness could turn out like this?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Deer in the coop

The Husband has made friends with 2 of our young deer—Little Bucky, and this one Little Doe. She was inside the coop eating their food when I walked out to close them up.

They both show up (separately) almost every morning when he puts chicken feed out there, and now that it has been so wickedly cold, he has been leaving some corn for them at night. They don't seem especially fearful of us, even when there's a dog on the leash. And they have no fear at all of the dogs' frenzied barking from inside the house or even from in the dog fence in the back. They just stand and stare...which just creates more frenzy...

Other news from the dog fence: no more rabbit tracks in the cold. Silly rabbits have taken to hanging out inside the fence, probably hiding under the deck close to the house for heat. Problem is, same frenzied dogs are watching every minute of every day, and have captured and killed 3 in the past week or 2. I just pray the rest of the bunny population takes note and moves on. Getting tired of hurling dead bunnies over the fence into the field when I am out there in the cold, in my PJs. Who knew this would be my life?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just as chilly, just as lazy

I have pretty much the same photos from today that I took last week of the dogs and cats being lazy in the living room, with me, by the woodstove, in the sunshine. Top one of Cyrus is the only one that has come through from my phone thus far.

Although the weather reached a tropical 64° on Friday, by Saturday we were back to a high of 10° and a low of -13° (or something like that) it's hard to keep track of all these below 0° temperatures.

Second pic is Woody on the covered porch—meaning covered with a roof—which did not keep it from being covered in snow. Not only the frigid temps, also the wicked wind has been making sure the snow covers everything.

So happy we have the woodstove. It just makes winter, even the ugly days, that much more enjoyable. Handsome husband and other boys in the house are icing on the cake!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rabbits dancing in the cold

Bunny rabbits seem to be the only ones who don't mind the frigid weather. They drive the dogs almost as crazy as Little Bucky (young deer boy) who hangs out just outside the living room windows with no fear of barking dogs.

The rabbits have also found their way inside the dog fence, leaving their tracks and scent all over to make said almost-house-bound dogs lose their minds.

They do make nice dancing patterns in the snow every morning though! They're good for that!