Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Another sunset

Not a better sunset, just a better stitch job in Photoshop of another pretty sky from the back porch. The big black corner is the roof getting in the way. Dead apple tree on the left, dying willow tree on the right.

The best sunsets are the ones that include clouds, and it has been cloudy for the past week or so. Almost every night we have been treated to a beautiful sky. I am wasting precious moments trying to capture them in a photo. I think I will go back to enjoying rather than capturing...

I went with my good friend Kathy to Key West about 21 years (!!!) ago. We went to the one spot that supposedly had the most beautiful sunset views over the ocean. There was not a cloud in the sky the whole week we were there, and frankly I thought the sunsets were pretty boring. Big blinding disc becomes less blinding and drops into the water. I did however get the best suntan I have ever had. For about a month after our trip I was no longer a white girl. You've heard of the black Irish?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bits and pieces

You will just have to believe that the sunset was beautiful because I still haven't figured out how to make the panoramic feature work on my iPhone. This was quickly stitched together in Photoshop.

The others are just some recent and unrelated photos.

Cyrus is bored by whatever Woody is barking about.

The darkest yolk I have ever seen in an egg! Can you say anti-oxidants? :)

And finally, a pair of goldfinches feasting on the weeds outside the living room window. Hard to get a good photo on a windy day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Was 4, now 5 chickies!

The Black Australorp hen was the charm. She right away was convinced these were her chicks, and the same day that I put her in there, she hatched one of the eggs that I moved over with her. (One of the eggs that I was sure would not hatch.) So now we have 5 little ones in with a momma who cares for them.

Update Thursday, July 26:

With the sun shining, I got some better photos today. Mom has been very patient stuck in the crate with the 5 little ones crawling on her back and flitting around while she is still trying to hatch the last 3 eggs in with her.

After all the confusion of moving hens and eggs, I have no idea how old the eggs are or if any more will hatch. Maybe by the weekend I can move the crate on the floor and leave the door open. It's just a bit difficult for her to hatch eggs and watch the little monsters at the same time. Better that they are contained for now.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Happy birthday little chicks!

It started with one German hen sitting on eggs about a month ago. Then she was moving from box to box and not being careful about sitting on them, so after a week or so, I stole some and took them to Elmer to incubate. I brought him 10 eggs, and yesterday 4 of them hatched. (Yay Elmer!)

Since I stole the eggs, one of the Australorp hens has joined German in the same nesting box. This is one big metal box that has 10 holes meant for egg-laying, not chick-sitting, so I am not real happy they are in there. And why in there together? A Barred Rock decided to join them 2 doors down. Sometimes the other hens go in there and lay eggs in with the sitting hens. And the sitting hens don't seem to know how to hatch them because they have not hatched a single chick on their own!

Now I just have to find a way to get the hens to accept these little ones as theirs. I tried to introduce them this morning, but German was pecking at them. I will try sometime later tonight. Rumor has it that you can sneak them under the hen late at night and she won't bother with them until morning when she will think she hatched them.

We'll see... For now, 4 little chickies are in a crate across the room, waiting for a mommy to love them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Beautiful July!

We have survived quite the party weekend! We spent Friday and Saturday evening hanging out with various Peters family members celebrating the visit of Kimball and Terry from Lake Okeechobee. Sunday afternoon/evening hanging out with the Cooperstown Jam folks: Rachel's family from Nova Scotia was here for a visit. And yesterday, since we had no plans for more partying, we took the dogs up to the hill for a visit with Don on the Hill (doth).

Fantastic view of Canadarago Lake from up there! Thanks Don for your continued hospitality, and the cold Saranacs!