Monday, November 13, 2017

NJ comes to see the farm

Dan and Lindsi came all the way to Lester's Flat from way down south in Jersey. Just in time for their visit we had our first snow of the season. They were very much amused by all of the animals—goats, piggies, chickens—and the many photos they took of said animals should be evidence of that.

Lindsi was especially amused by the big boys inside the house, Woody and Cyrus. Dan even did a bit of singing on the couch with Cyrus while Woody was barking in the kitchen, which is what Woody did whenever he had the chance. Big boys also put on a great show wrestling and beating the crap out of each other more than once. As usual, cat boys hid upstairs.

I coerced Dan to send me this photo of him and Tom Waits from back in our days at Glassboro State College in the 1970s. I am a huge fan of Tom Waits, and I just love everything about this photo! Dan was working for the Student Activities Board and was helping Tom either set up or take down for the concert (which was excellent BTW!). I guess they were doing a bit of partying in public (notice plastic cup of beer) when they were picked up by the police. I think they spent just long enough in the police station to have their picture taken... Dan's 15 minutes of fame! Or infamy?

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cats in bed and wasps at work

I think I need to do a cats-in-bed series of photos, Willie and Monkey are excellent posers. Apparently they enjoy hanging out together in our bed during the day. Probably safer and definitely calmer than hanging out downstairs with the dogs.

Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it was a crazy summer that has ended abruptly. Reports of a bit of snow for the weekend (just in time for the NJ visitors) and we had a bit yesterday as well. The bees, wasps, grasshoppers and even dragonflies were all abuzz this summer, and more abundant than ever. Evidence of their crazed state is this wasp nest that is easily twice the size of my head. My equally crazy neighbors were thrilled to come and cut this and another smaller one out of the apple trees to hang in their homes. Must be a guy thing...I don't get it...

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Post-Halloween Howl

Too bad they couldn't act up on Halloween. Cyrus is doing his wolf howl in reaction to Woody's hound dog melody. No reason for this at all, they were just being their normal goofy selves.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween on a Tuesday!

Happy Halloween!

Why oh why did Halloween fall on a Tuesday, when I am working at the newspaper until late in the evening? (I was there until 11:30 last night—scary late!)

This is the first year in awhile where I was unable to judge the children's costumes at the firehouse. The Husband had to fill in for me.

I did have the pleasure of seeing my friend Art Boden at New York Pizza in Cooperstown where I stopped for lunch. He obviously enjoys dressing up for this festive occasion, to the delight (and fear) of all who enter.

Photo credit: Parker Fish, The Freeman's Journal