Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cabin fever: bad dog part 2

This is what happens when the boys are penned up in the house after a snowstorm. Only place they can walk is down the driveway, across the road and past the horse farm, the mechanic's shop and the eagle's nest. All very interesting for me to look at, not so much for them. And we couldn't even make it down the driveway for 2 days during the storm.

The last post was about the WoodMan running off down to the creek when I couldn't chase him through the snow. That was last Monday. Last Thursday, he did it again, only this time it had gotten really cold the day before, and there was a nice icy crust on top of the partially melted snow. Still about 2 feet deep, but even more difficult to walk through.

At first he was just messing around. He made it all the way down to the Town Garage, about 1/4 mile. I followed him in the car, but when he saw me, he turned around and came back toward home. Now he is getting tired, he is on the far side of the creek, and it is starting to get dark.

I sent out the troops—The Husband, 2 neighbors on foot, their son on a snowmobile—no sign of Woody. At least we knew he wasn't on that side of the property anymore. So I called Don on the Hill who could see him all the way on the other side of the property. Don and The Husband tried to drive into the field to get him but the snow was still too deep.

So back I go through the crusty snow to the creek to call him back. I am thankful he made it back across the creek before I had to cross it to get him. I think he was trying to come home but was too exhausted and too afraid of going back into the rushing cold water. I had seen footprints where he had either fallen through the ice on the far side, or jumped in not knowing how bad it was.

You could say he learned his lesson. I say probably not. Leash walks only until all the snow goes away.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Bad dog!

The WoodMan found the sun earlier (see post below) and now the well rested boy has found his way back to the creek. After a week of trying, my big bad hound finally was able to plow his way through the snow and go back to his favorite spot by the creek. I made it about a third of the way there when I realized that there was no way for me to catch up to him. I came back home and watched the show with Cyrus.

The big red arrow is pointing to WoodMan's butt, running away, not home. And, if you look really close, in the photo where I am up to my knees in wet snow, you can see that it is warm enough that there is a living little bug in the snow.

Bad dog!

The bench and the WoodMan have found the sun!

Just a week has passed since our biggest snow ever, and the sun is back, snow is beginning to melt. We used to get these big Nor'Easter snows back in NJ, but since we have been up here even the lake effect storms don't bring this much snow all at once.

I think our final total was 34". You could not see the top of that bench, much less the top of the largest pot and the birdbath. (There are still 2 big pots under the snow.) Add some really cold air and plenty of wind—well let's just say that the WoodMan was not sitting out on the porch sunning himself last week. As of this morning, he's back in his chair.

My old body is still recovering from digging paths through the snow for dogs and chickens. It is problematic when the only place that any animal can move about is in the cleared driveway. Let's just say that not all of our animals do well together in enclosed spaces...even more difficulty when one of us is trying to drive in the driveway with dogs and/or chickens...or when one of the local stray cats struts his stuff down the path...

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The bench came back

It looks like the storm is over. The storm had a name—Stella. At least my bench is back in view (sort of) even after some snow squalls that made it look like Stella was coming back to haunt us. This photo from mid-afternoon when it wasn't looking too pretty.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The disappearing bench

1:17 pm

3:17 pm
6:17 pm

We are snowed in.

I made it back from NJ just in time to miss the Nor'Easter that was supposed to hit down there worse than up here. HA! My reporter in Brigantine has nothing. Little Sista in Willingboro had some snow and then ice, enough to knock the power out for a couple of hours, but not a significant amount.

Cyrus on the covered back porch
We, unlike any previous storms in Central NY for as far as Google can see, are completely snowed in! Yikes! Good thing I am not working this week. Traffic is not moving up here, even up here where they can move snow, no problem. The miracle Mr. Kelley has not been back since 8 am this morning.

In the big pics, you can see my disappearing bench in the snow. Next photo shows the Weber grill, a chair, and to the right of the chair, just barely, a round table. Isn't that table at least 30" off the ground? At 6 pm? And it's still snowing.

All will be OK. Woodstove if the power goes out. But really?

The Husband took off work today, and probably again tomorrow. He spent all day trudging through the snow taking care of goats, chickens, dogs. He sent me out there at dinner time to "really appreciate how much snow there is". I nearly passed out just walking from the house to the chicken coop to close them up.

The dogs have barely made a path about 3 feet through the mess to go do their business. One of us will clear a path for them tomorrow.

At least they can get outside and come back in. I feel for the critters who do not live indoors.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Woody is bored

Woody is bored with all this fuss about baby goats.

Grand total is 9 baby goaties at Lester's Flat, plus 1 little Roger Ramjet (renamed Maxwell, Good to the Last Drop) still staying with his foster Grandma until he can rejoin the rest.

Took 2 trips back to NJ since we last talked. Put the house back up for sale with a new realtor. LOVE my new realtor.

Also lost my favorite uncle last week, which prompted my second return to NJ.

Love you, Uncle Jack!