Monday, March 20, 2017

The bench and the WoodMan have found the sun!

Just a week has passed since our biggest snow ever, and the sun is back, snow is beginning to melt. We used to get these big Nor'Easter snows back in NJ, but since we have been up here even the lake effect storms don't bring this much snow all at once.

I think our final total was 34". You could not see the top of that bench, much less the top of the largest pot and the birdbath. (There are still 2 big pots under the snow.) Add some really cold air and plenty of wind—well let's just say that the WoodMan was not sitting out on the porch sunning himself last week. As of this morning, he's back in his chair.

My old body is still recovering from digging paths through the snow for dogs and chickens. It is problematic when the only place that any animal can move about is in the cleared driveway. Let's just say that not all of our animals do well together in enclosed spaces...even more difficulty when one of us is trying to drive in the driveway with dogs and/or chickens...or when one of the local stray cats struts his stuff down the path...

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

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