Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kids in the crib

I didn't get any new pics today, these are from yesterday. The children and the adults are still having a blast jumping in and out of the crib. I had to move it so that I can watch them from inside. I could watch them all day.

Cyrus is still duck-obsessed. Last week, we lost one of the 3 male ducks who have been torturing him so. When the spring weather hit, all 3 decided it was time to spend the night camping outside the duck house. They refused to be closed up. In the morning there were only 2. The one with the grey head (who was hatched here) was gone. The Husband and Cyrus just found his remains this morning out in the field.

The plan was to get them some females in the spring, but Mr. Cyrus has not changed his opinion of them (Yum!) and probably he will not change any time soon, so we may need a new plan. I put the 2 remaining boys up on Craig's List, but I do not expect anyone to be interested. I will either find them a home where they won't become dinner, or I will continue the Cyrus training and hope for the best. In the beginning of April we will have had him a year, sorry that we couldn't make more progress with his training. He just doesn't want to learn!

Woody doesn't mind the ducks or the chickens. I think he is even ready to go back to walking off-leash, like we do up at Don's. But I won't try it down here just yet because he just wants to play with Cyrus on the leash and that doesn't make for a fun walk...for me at least.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy St Pat's (belated) and the crib

My dear friends and college roommates, Gwen and Frank, are ever so pleased to have a new grandchild, Nolan, born on Halloween (just a few weeks early!). Since St. Patty's Day went pretty much unnoticed here in Schuyler Lake, I thought I would share this adorable pic of Nolan Baker to make up for our lack of celebration. BTW, there is just a wee bit o'red hair under that hat!

The second adorable photo is Mr. David Bowie in the crib. I have been searching for some junk furniture for the kids to play on, and just finally put this together for them this afternoon.

It took all of about 2 minutes for them to take over the crib. Lucille made it her job to chew off the cute little teddy bear decals, and the 4 kids—Ted, Blossom, Rita, and Bowie—made it their job to bounce in and out of it. I will post some more pics and a video tomorrow, but for now this will have to do.