Sunday, April 29, 2018


April 29 and we are still getting snow. At least the grass finally turned green since my last post...

Dogs, side by side, are as confused as we are.

I will keep the pic of The Husband on here for as long as I can, until he catches me. You might notice Cyrus chewing on Woody's head/ear in that photo. He does this frequently, and the WoodMan puts up with it.

Since I have already declared it spring here at Lester's Flat—it will be.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring at Lester's Flat

You know it is spring when the WoodMan spends his mornings back in the chair, in the sun. No, the grass isn't green yet. The picnic table isn't painted yet. There is only one new goat kid yet. But it is officially spring here at Lester's Flat!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fire on Panther Mountain

Two whole days of sunshine, on a weekend no less! It doesn't get any better than that.

No more goat babies, yet. They are probably waiting for Monday and Tuesday when I have to go into work. Rita and Blossom, the pregnant sisters, are truly struggling to get around; Rita walking on her knees sometimes. Husband thinks Rita might even have triplets, which would be a pleasant surprise. Rosie should go soon as well.

This pic from this afternoon when I was walking Cyrus. What looked to be a huge fire over on Panther Mountain turned out to be a "1-acre grass fire just north of Keating Road" according to the nice old gentleman who was directing traffic when I drove over there nosing around.

All that white smoke makes the big eagle nest that much easier to see.

Cyrus was struggling the last 2 days with a stiff back end. I think the Lyme Disease is kicking in again. :(

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Goat day

We are celebrating the return of spring, no matter how brief, with lots of goat pics. Susan Sontag gave birth to little Ray Davies yesterday, so I am putting her in the header to replace the snow pic. Susan says it is now officially spring! Yay!
Tim decided to call him Ray Davies. We might keep him as a breeding buck.
Blossom (left) and her sister Rita could be the next to give us a kid or 2. They are ready to pop!
Rico (left, who was originally Rita until we found out he was a boy) and Jack don't know what all the fuss is about.

Johnny Cash, you sly dog you! I guess you were actually having your way with the girls! And we had no faith in you...

Friday, April 20, 2018

Good Friday

Not a lot to say except that this Friday was a good one compared to last Friday when we lost Lucille to a birthing issue. Today, Susan Sontag, our youngest female who didn't even look pregnant, delivered a healthy baby boy (I think).

Thank you Susan for making this a good Friday!

And yes, that is snow on the ground. Again.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19


Just so ya know...I hate least of my self...

And this one is not especially flattering. But WHY do we still have snow, every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, in the middle of April? Did I mention the wind?

This one from this afternoon when I was walking a friend's beagle. It was about 40° and cloudy when I drove the half-mile to take her out. Then this snow squall after I went in and put her little coat on and came out for our nice spring walk.

It will be spring soon.


Saturday, April 14, 2018


We had to bury Lucille today.

She was our first adult goat. We got her from our friend Karen (The Goat Lady) in June of 2012, with her little doeling, Helen, and a buckling, Jack. All 3 in the pic to the right. 

She was mother to Helen, Beatrice, and Tony and Rose. That is a pregnant Lucille and pregnant daughter Beatrice in the second small pic.

Although she had several years of delivering kids with no problem, she had a difficult delivery last year, where the doe kid died a couple of days after, and she had a stillborn the year before.

Just yesterday we had to take her to the vet because she had gone into labor the night before but was unable to deliver a kid. Turns out she had 2 in there (which is common), both premature. One was dead, the other nearly dead. The vet had difficulty removing the kids, and poor Lucille must have had some internal damage because she died a few hours after we brought her home.
She was obviously in pain, and I am happy that she passed quickly.

Lucille was always the leader of the pack.

She will be missed by all.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Muddy floor

The stars of these photos are hard to focus on when all I see is the muddy floor. Mud season. Why bother cleaning it until the mud goes away?

Poor WillWill the cat had to make a trip to the vet today. When we came back, he was feeling brave enough to hang out with the Cyrus on the first floor while the WoodMan was outside. This is a BIG deal!

Progress! I thought perhaps this would convince Willie that it was safe to be on the first floor with the dogs and his buddy Monkey, the cat who prefers the company of dogs.

It worked. Willie came down again a few minutes later when both dogs were down here. They were as surprised as he was. They chased him and cornered him in the kitchen where he feared for his life (me too...for him) until I was able to grab them.

Needless to say he won't come down again any time soon.

Poor guy!