Sunday, June 10, 2012

Goats are coming!

We went to Karen's farm today to meet the goats we are thinking about bringing to Lester's Flat. She offered us a doe kid, and a buck kid, both just a few weeks old. One was born the day before my birthday, one a couple days after. The black doe is momma to the doe kid, and the buckling belongs to a different momma, but he nurses off this momma as well.

We thought we might take all 3, but now that Karen has them all in together, the buckling is pushing the doe kid away from the milk. If they all work it out before Karen delivers them next Sunday, we could still end up with all 3, but probably will get only the 2 girls. Note to little bucky: behave yourself and you might get to come along for the ride!

They are sable Saanens—anything other than white is called sable. The doe kid, on the right in both photos, has some grey markings on her nose, back and tail, and she will probably get more grey as she gets older (don't we all!). The buck kid will probably stay pure white.

As for the closeup of the brown girl (I think she's an alpine) she was trying to convince The Husband that she should come home with us instead. She doesn't have any babies, so we'd have to take her and her BFF, the white girl in the background. She was quite the fresh girl, biting us both while we weren't paying attention. Quite the personality...and it almost swayed us both.

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