Friday, March 23, 2018

Sunny winter days

Oh wait, I'm sorry, it's spring!

It has been warm enough that the snow is melting. New icicles are replacing the old ones that crashed down making it sound like the house was being bombed from above. Now we just have to wait until the snow melts enough that I can walk the dogs somewhere other than down the driveway and across the busy road. Snow in March is all well and good, we are all just a bit bored with it at this point.

Update: A few minutes ago I posted this photo of MonkeyCat sleeping soundly on the green blanket. Just now, the WoodMan came over and reclaimed his spot.

Nice to see who owns the green blanket AND the sofa. Not the humans, for sure.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Snow is definitely prettier than mud

No BBQs just yet
These photos all from yesterday. The icicles are all around the house, but the best ones are outside the dining room window where the screen gets in the way of a good photo. The biggest one was about 5' tall, but it fell before I took this shot.

The sun was out most of yesterday, so the icicles are growing bigger and then crashing down. Today, more wind and snow and cold—high of 26°.

I am not worried, spring will come. And snow is preferable to the mud or the ice we had before.

Cyrus sees the deer. I do not.
He will sit out there with snow up to his belly, just waiting...
Woody, who is not on the leash or fenced in,
cares more about the pig poop/mud he can find under the snow.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

March and the disappearing bench

March 15, 2018
Last year this time we lost the bench in one huge snowstorm, almost 4 feet, maybe even more, hard to tell. This year we have been getting a little snow here and there. It melts and then comes back. Total accumulation is hard to judge, because we are getting wind making some serious drifts, and sun doing some serious melting all at the same time. I am guessing it is about 2 feet total on March 15, 2018.

March 15, 2017

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cabin fever

All that melting snow makes for some lovely icy adornments to the roof (last pic). When this is what it looks like from inside, it is difficult to get inspired to go outside. And we just keep getting more snow every day. Not a lot, just enough to keep it all covered in white.

So these boys are getting bored with all this quality time inside by the woodstove. What do they do when they're bored? Destroy the sofa, of course.

It was a nice Pottery Barn sofa so many years ago. Now it is one big dog bed/dog playpen. It's really fun to knock off all of the cushions and pillows and then chew on the nice wool blanket... Doncha think?

Alright, I'll get off the computer and take you for a walk.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Snow, sun, mud, ice and then again...

Toyota Tacoma, mudbathing
It's not all that unusual to have this kind of weather this time of year, but it's just getting kind of repetetive. Some pretty snow, not too much. Then the sun shines again (which the cats are loving!). Then the snow melts and makes lots of nice mud (which Tim's new truck is not loving). Then it gets cold and the mud freezes and makes lots of slippery ice (which none of us are loving). Then more snow covers the ice, but not enough to take away the slip factor.

Spring is coming. The cats don't really care.

Willie, sunbathing
MonkeyCat, sunbathing

Friday, March 2, 2018

House or ice cube?

Looks like I just popped it out of an ice cube tray, but we are warm inside. It's 82° in the living room right now with the woodstove all fired up. Just went canoeing with Marie on Oaks Creek yesterday. No snow, a bit less than 50°, but still ice on the lake when we made our way up there. Wish I would have worn boots instead of water shoes, but otherwise a very pleasant ride.

This storm even has a name—Riley. Since when do they name anything other than hurricanes?