Sunday, July 29, 2012

The missing eggs and the goat romp

For weeks we have noticed that egg production has slowed down, dramatically. Of course summer is the time when we can sell the most eggs, and lately we've barely been able to collect 3 dozen a week. I thought maybe the groundhog invaders were responsible, and I even accused one of the hens who looked like she wanted to nosh on a few eggs in the box the other day. Then today I found the answer: the girls made a new favorite nesting place in the stacks of hay bales we loaded up for the goats—37 eggs all neatly stacked on top of each other. Considering there were multiple hens climbing on top of them every day, it is surprising that more of them weren't damaged. Of the 37 we pulled out, a few had pieces of shell and egg smeared on them from other eggs, but only one was cracked. Amazing!

After the sadness of losing the Lester, and the entertaining but drenching Wilco concert in the rain last night, what we really needed today was a nice goat romp in the field. About a week after we got the goats, there was one masterful escape that ended with the 3 of them being captured in the middle of Route 28, so we decided to get them used to being free. This way maybe they will learn to stay in the field where they are allowed to run.

Mama Lucille is hiding in the weeds, content to dine on the goldenrod and burdock. Kids on the other hand...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coop raiders and maybe a new dog

Next groundhog who breaks my chicken feeders and steals all the feed, this is what's going to be waiting for you! Probably was those nasty groundhogs who have been stealing the girls' eggs too. We were getting about 7 eggs a day from the 9 big girls, and now we are only seeing 4 or 5, and sometimes less than that. I am putting Don on the Hill on the lookout—watch out, critters!

We are all still very much missing the big Lester here at Lester's Flat. Sophie has been a bit less mopey, but there is still a big void. that I used to be (that's how we found Sophie in 2001) well let's just say I was looking again, and happened upon 2 perfect candidates. One found me through the Burlington County Animal Alliance (thanks, Lorraine!) and the chocolate lab was picked up on the same day I was interviewing with a rescue up here in NY.

Some say it's too soon for another dog (including The Husband) but I say the time is right. I convinced him to let Woodie the blue-tick coonhound come up for a visit on August 8. (Look how pretty he's sitting for his new photo!) Woodie's BCAA foster mom has friends near here and is coming up for the weekend. If Woodie approves of us, and Sophie accepts the Wood Man into her home, we may have a new pooch just in time for the family coming up to visit on the 10th.

The beautiful chocolate lab girl might be pregnant, so we might have a little time (while her pups are getting born and adopted) to steal her away if the Wood Man decides he doesn't love us as much as we would like to love him.

As always, I'll keep you posted...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing the big guy

We all miss him, probably Sophie more than anyone because no one told her why her best buddy isn't coming back. She was here in the living room when he was having seizures, and she saw some guy come here and carry him away (the vet tech came to the house to help me get him in the car). Now, every time I come through the front door she looks up to see if I am bringing him back. She has always been the one to have a sad look on her face, but now that look breaks my heart because I know she really is sad.

I am starting to look for another dog. The hole in this house is just too big...but it will take a special dog to fill the Lester's shoes (paws? paw prints?). We can take our time searching. I suspect that in the same way that Will, our cat, found us after we lost Maggie the cat; that Lester will send a new guy or gal our way when he thinks we are ready.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lester's Flat won't be the same without the Lester

We got Lester as an 8-week-old pup from a shelter near Atlantic City, NJ, just a few months after we were married. The Husband named him Lester, for Lester Flatt, the bluegrass musician who played the Beverly Hillbillies theme song along with Earl Scruggs. The name certainly suited his unique personality. I named our place up here Lester's Flat, because I think Lester loved it up here almost more than we do, if that's possible.

Lester Pester was a stubborn child from the get-go, and up until the bitter end. If it were not for the fact that they did not think he would get any better, only worse, I don't think we could have let him go yesterday. Even after being sedated for most of the day, and having a total of 11 or 12 seizures, he still did not want to give up. He perked up when The Husband came in to see him at the vet's last night, making it just that much harder to do what we did.

I always joked that he would die standing up—if his back end would have cooperated, I think he would have been standing up yesterday. He certainly tried.

Sophie is mourning with the rest of us, and even the cats are aware that he is gone. He will be missed by all of us, animal and human.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments about my big boy. After all my crying yesterday, I was doing much better today until I read all the kind things you have said...but it was a slightly happier cry today. He's in a better place.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lost my Lester today

I lost my big Lester today. He had 7 seizures this morning, and only got worse after going to the vet. It was not easy, and yet it needed to happen. He would have been 15YO around Halloween.

Rest in peace, Lester.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lazy hazy crazy days of summer!

I apologize for being a very lazy blogger lately. Even here in the North Country it has been hot and dry, which is making me hot and lazy. My real job is real slow, as in no work for the past month or so. So I have been filling my time selling stuff out of the Magic Barn. I finally completed my task, and turned over the keys to the new owner yesterday. I sold about $1200 worth of stuff, and I get to keep half of my earnings in addition to the piles of things that we are keeping as our own little treasures. Most bloggable of these is the portrait of the mystery woman. No one seems to know who she is, so we are just going to hang her on the wall because she looks so pleasant and loverly.

In an earlier post I mentioned the inflatable Mickey Mouse and the huge razor: Mickey sold for $61, and the razor went for $80. Both wound up going to California (separately). All of the magic stuff (second photo) went to 3 or 4 of Charlie's buddies who were happy to pick through the treasures in the Museum of Famous Unknown Magicians and Clowns.

Because I was so inspired by my success on eBay and Craig's List, I started posting some things of my own. I got a nibble on my grandmother's punch bowl, another huge and heavy item. Problem is, the nibble lives in Florida and is not sure she wants to pay to ship all 27 lbs. of pressed glass down there.

Today was inspirational as well: I found out that some TYCO Toy samples that I have had for 15 years (stored in 2 different attics) are maybe (fingers crossed) worth some big bucks. I am testing the waters on eBay as we speak, and hope to catch the big fish:

We'll just have to wait and see.