Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing the big guy

We all miss him, probably Sophie more than anyone because no one told her why her best buddy isn't coming back. She was here in the living room when he was having seizures, and she saw some guy come here and carry him away (the vet tech came to the house to help me get him in the car). Now, every time I come through the front door she looks up to see if I am bringing him back. She has always been the one to have a sad look on her face, but now that look breaks my heart because I know she really is sad.

I am starting to look for another dog. The hole in this house is just too big...but it will take a special dog to fill the Lester's shoes (paws? paw prints?). We can take our time searching. I suspect that in the same way that Will, our cat, found us after we lost Maggie the cat; that Lester will send a new guy or gal our way when he thinks we are ready.

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  1. Jersey Girl7/23/12, 2:47 PM

    We love you Sophie. We all miss Lester!! Hang on there!!!