Sunday, July 29, 2012

The missing eggs and the goat romp

For weeks we have noticed that egg production has slowed down, dramatically. Of course summer is the time when we can sell the most eggs, and lately we've barely been able to collect 3 dozen a week. I thought maybe the groundhog invaders were responsible, and I even accused one of the hens who looked like she wanted to nosh on a few eggs in the box the other day. Then today I found the answer: the girls made a new favorite nesting place in the stacks of hay bales we loaded up for the goats—37 eggs all neatly stacked on top of each other. Considering there were multiple hens climbing on top of them every day, it is surprising that more of them weren't damaged. Of the 37 we pulled out, a few had pieces of shell and egg smeared on them from other eggs, but only one was cracked. Amazing!

After the sadness of losing the Lester, and the entertaining but drenching Wilco concert in the rain last night, what we really needed today was a nice goat romp in the field. About a week after we got the goats, there was one masterful escape that ended with the 3 of them being captured in the middle of Route 28, so we decided to get them used to being free. This way maybe they will learn to stay in the field where they are allowed to run.

Mama Lucille is hiding in the weeds, content to dine on the goldenrod and burdock. Kids on the other hand...

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  1. Jersey Girl7/29/12, 2:36 PM

    We were able to watch the entire video this time! Yahoo! Those goats are very cute and very energetic. I cannot decide which one I like better. It rained so hard here yesterday that Jersey's yard flooded in seconds. It was crazy!!! Have fun with the goats. We love you, Sophie!!!