Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coop raiders and maybe a new dog

Next groundhog who breaks my chicken feeders and steals all the feed, this is what's going to be waiting for you! Probably was those nasty groundhogs who have been stealing the girls' eggs too. We were getting about 7 eggs a day from the 9 big girls, and now we are only seeing 4 or 5, and sometimes less than that. I am putting Don on the Hill on the lookout—watch out, critters!

We are all still very much missing the big Lester here at Lester's Flat. Sophie has been a bit less mopey, but there is still a big void. that I used to be (that's how we found Sophie in 2001) well let's just say I was looking again, and happened upon 2 perfect candidates. One found me through the Burlington County Animal Alliance (thanks, Lorraine!) and the chocolate lab was picked up on the same day I was interviewing with a rescue up here in NY.

Some say it's too soon for another dog (including The Husband) but I say the time is right. I convinced him to let Woodie the blue-tick coonhound come up for a visit on August 8. (Look how pretty he's sitting for his new photo!) Woodie's BCAA foster mom has friends near here and is coming up for the weekend. If Woodie approves of us, and Sophie accepts the Wood Man into her home, we may have a new pooch just in time for the family coming up to visit on the 10th.

The beautiful chocolate lab girl might be pregnant, so we might have a little time (while her pups are getting born and adopted) to steal her away if the Wood Man decides he doesn't love us as much as we would like to love him.

As always, I'll keep you posted...

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