Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still spring in mid-June

I prefer the spring-like temperatures in June to the 90° we had in May. I really thought that "spring had sprung", so I planted up the large pots (above) only to have the weather go from 90° in the daytime to 30-something° at night just a few days later. I lost about half of what I had planted. The apple trees that are always FULL of blooms were just starting to open their blossoms when the freeze came through and killed them all. This may be the first year since coming up here that we get no apples at all!

Thankfully there have been no further chicken health dramas, and all of the injured are recovering. Roo, with his naked, feather-free butt, has been somewhat humbled by his Jack Russell encounter, but not so much that he still doesn't try to kick me now and then. The baby chicks are almost adults now. It's good that they will start laying eggs soon, in the summer when all the egg-buying folks are here in the North Country. We are selling about 3 dozen eggs a week, and could probably sell more if we had them.

I put up an ad on Craig's List last week for "Fresh Ham and Eggs." Yesterday, a very nice gentleman with the last name of Meyer (my unmarried name) bought $78 worth of hams and bacon. He was kind enough to tell me that $3 per pound is too cheap, so next go-round with pigs we'll have to up the prices to $5 per pound, at his suggestion. I took down the Craig's List ad and will have to retrieve the flyers I posted around town—we'll save the rest for us and for friends. Some friends and family members have expressed their disgust at our sending the cute piggies to "harvest," but as Mr. Meyer stated yesterday, it is nice to know where your meat comes from, and that the animals were well cared for. He tries to buy all of his meat locally, and none from a grocery store, and that's an admirable goal, I think.

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