Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy St Pat's (belated) and the crib

My dear friends and college roommates, Gwen and Frank, are ever so pleased to have a new grandchild, Nolan, born on Halloween (just a few weeks early!). Since St. Patty's Day went pretty much unnoticed here in Schuyler Lake, I thought I would share this adorable pic of Nolan Baker to make up for our lack of celebration. BTW, there is just a wee bit o'red hair under that hat!

The second adorable photo is Mr. David Bowie in the crib. I have been searching for some junk furniture for the kids to play on, and just finally put this together for them this afternoon.

It took all of about 2 minutes for them to take over the crib. Lucille made it her job to chew off the cute little teddy bear decals, and the 4 kids—Ted, Blossom, Rita, and Bowie—made it their job to bounce in and out of it. I will post some more pics and a video tomorrow, but for now this will have to do.

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