Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bowie the bottle baby

I am posting these pics of The Husband bottle feeding the little boy. He wanted me to take the photos, but I am pretty sure he doesn't want them posted here. So, for a few short minutes, take a peek. And then I will have to take them down. (Got approval to leave them up. Just cuz he loves this Bowie boy so much!)

I think Bowie is doing a better job of fitting in. It helps that the weather has calmed down a bit, and all of the goats are out and about instead of huddling for warmth in the barn. The other 3 kids, Blossom, Rita, and Ted are out and bouncing around starting at 6:30 am. For the past few days, I have seen Bowie out there with them, and the adults mostly ignore all of the kids.

The other 3 have made it a game to jump onto the backs of the adults and bounce off, but I am happy that Mr. Bowie is not bold enough to try that just yet...

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  1. Jersey Girl2/21/16, 3:13 PM

    They look so cute together!! Hi, Bowie!!!