Friday, February 12, 2016

The frozen tundra

It is hard to believe that we got Bowie just last Sunday and it was sunny and 40° or so. All of the photos of him on here were taken that day.

We've had several snow showers since then, including some serious lake-effect snow squalls yesterday, and the temperatures have dropped. It's only going to get worse this weekend. This is for all of us who were complaining about the warm muddy winter we have had thus far.

Bowie boy is in the garage with a heat lamp. Since he was kept in a heated barn with other kids before we got him, he doesn't have the fuzzy warm coat that our kids have. I am certain he misses their company, but according to the forecast, we should be able to bring him back on Monday. As I see it, lonely is better than frostbite.

Even the dogs were not thrilled about walking out there. Woody lasted only a few minutes this morning and wanted back in. The Hub and Cyrus made it a bit farther, but even Cyrus's part-husky coat wasn't enough to allow him a good walk. Those are Cyrus and The Hub's footprints in the snow by the apple trees. Looks like they got that far and did an about-face to come home.

That panoramic view is from the bedroom windows upstairs at about 7:30 am. That was about as close to the outside as I wanted to be.

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