Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bowie's back with the boys and girls

Rain and warmer temperatures yesterday washed away the frozen tundra and left us with the lawn reappearing and an ice slick for our driveway.

Young Mr. Bowie spent 4 and a half days in a dog crate in the garage with a heat lamp to keep him just a little bit warmer than the double digits below zero outside. He is very happy to be a bottle baby, and we have given up hope of getting Lucille to feed him.

I was eager to get him back with the others so he could get back to socializing and fitting in with the bunch. I had to drive him the 50 feet back to the goat shed because of the slick driveway.

Since I discovered that he won't ever get the longer fuzzy coat that the other kids have, I asked a friend for his old dog coats. (Apparently beagles and baby goats are about the same size; it fits perfectly!) But when I brought him back to the barn, Ted, the other boy kid, decided that the coat was his new favorite chew toy so I had to take it off. Darn shame, he looked so cute!

I guess if he survived the freezing weekend without the coat, he will make it through. And just this morning, he was outside bouncing around playing with the other kids. That's the first time I have seen that since the day we brought him home. The adults are still not the welcoming committee they should be, but the kids must be thinking he could be one of them.

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