Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rainbows' ends

It must finally be spring—we had a short hailstorm followed by a spectacular double rainbow. We get a lot of rainbows up here, but this one was the brightest, and we could see both ends. Usually they are so big we can only see half the arc.

I am working on my baby goat movie, but I am not a very good director/producer/camera woman, so it may take a bit longer. The kids are still fun to watch, and Uncle Jack is keeping a close eye on them. Helen is due to pop any day now.

Another sign of spring—my Greek friends from the city are back in competition for the chicken eggs. They both showed up today within a couple of hours. Joseph wants the eggs, and a pig (too late) and was even eyeing up Jacko for meat. Sorry Joseph, you can't have Jacko, but I am seriously considering giving you 2 of our mean old roosters. They are so rough with the hens that I am never going to be able to introduce the fast-growing chicks to the flock. After weeks of special love and care in the house, I will not send them out only to watch them get killed...

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