Friday, June 12, 2015

Conservation Easement closing with a butterfly and moth

This morning we closed on our Conservation Easement which will be appropriately named Lester's Flat. I am posting my favorite Lester's Flat photo of Lester enjoying a swim in the Herkimer Creek back in May 2007. Our portion of this creek will now be preserved in perpetuity.

The post before this one has a better description of the easement —the short story is that our meager 23+/- acres will be preserved forever.

To celebrate our closing with the Otsego Land Trust, we received a goodie basket and a freshly baked pie from them. In return, in addition to my little offering of some homemade goat cheese, I am posting 2 photos taken earlier this week. One of a black butterfly who was hanging out for quite a while on our front porch, the other of a huge moth that I saved from being swatted with a newspaper at The Freeman's Journal where I work.

From my minimal online research, the butterfly is a White Admiral. The moth is the same type I saw on our back porch in June 2012. Someone from the ID Please group on Flickr identified it as a Waved Sphinx. If anyone has a better ID for either one, please feel free to comment.

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  1. Daddy would be so proud of you! He loved his open space.