Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lots of news plus 3 new pigs!

All kinds of things happening around here including the death of my iMac. Pic above is the MonkeyCat sleeping on what's left of my precious computer. It's in computer hospital right now to see if they can retrieve my files. They are making some progress, but Computer Doc says TP's files were easy to grab, but the near-dead hard drive "doesn't like KP".

I decided it was time to buy a new iMac, although I would have put it off a whole lot longer if the other one hadn't died. Now I am having to upgrade some of my arty farty software, although I was able to pull the ridiculously expensive Creative Suite off the original discs...but not until after I bought a disc drive, because new iMac doesn't come with old-fashioned disc drive. (insert here the photo of me pulling out my hair!)

Still struggling to get everything up and running, but making progress.
Also had B&E visiting for the week. A good time was had by all!

So the good news for today is that we picked up 3 new pigs from B&B Ranch (again). Initial thought is that their names are Peter, Paul and Mary, but that could change when we have had more time to think about it.

They are a Berkshire cross—Momma is a big pink pig (Hampshire cross) and Papa the black Berkshire variety that is supposedly the best pork. We wanted all black ones just because I like pigs of color. I didn't even know until we picked them up today that even the ones that looked all black have orange stripes on their backs. Very arty!

Boy piggies are the spotted one and the chubby black one in the back of the crate. Girl piggy is the black one first to come out and explore.

They were all too afraid at first to come out of the dog crate to have their photos taken. This was only minutes after we introduced them to their new home. They eventually made it outside the crate, but not quite out of the shed. It won't be long before they are tearing around the pig pen ripping out all of the weeds and sunflowers.

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