Friday, December 25, 2015

And a Merry Christmas from Woody and Cyrus!

I was worried about Cyrus leaving his "mark" on the Christmas tree and the presents underneath. So worried that I pulled up the good rug and hid it in the basement. Turns out Cyrus had no interest in the Christmas tree, but he celebrated his good tree etiquette by sneaking past the baby gate to go upstairs and leave his "mark" (both kinds) in at least 4 different spots, 1 of them my laundry basket full of clothes, another the good rug in the library. Oh well.

Woody on the other hand, found it to be quite a lot of fun to help us unwrap our gifts. Cyrus just sat and watched. Both were exhausted after all the excitement.

Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas with your well behaved family members, human and/or animal. We are happy that the weather has turned at least a tiny bit chillier than the 70° yesterday, but it sure would have been nice to have just a dusting of snow for Christmas!

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