Thursday, December 15, 2016

What you wish for

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Are you sure?

We are supposed to pick up a Christmas tree and our Christmas cards at the printer today. When it looks like this outside, it makes me not want to leave the living room. (I opened the window to take these photos. No, I did not go outside.)

Just the thought of walking around trying to find the perfect tree when it is windy and cold, and the trees are all covered in snow. And then bringing it home in the back of the new truck and having it all covered in snow...again. Brrrr!

Cyrus is thinking he might like to be out there chasing critters, but it looks like even he is thinking twice about it.

Woody is still snoozing on the sofa with his blanket draped over him.

We might just skip our walk today.

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