Monday, January 2, 2017

A rooster unloved and cats under trees

Big Roo, who has always been a well behaved young man, got left out in the cold last night, and it was really cold. The Husband found him early this morning hanging out in the wood pile next to the garage. At least he survived the cold and the coyotes I heard out there last night!

Young Roo, who was born here, the one who was disowned by both of his 2 mommies, likes to think he is the tough guy and (I guess) takes it out on the big guy. Won't happen again. Watch yourself, Young Roo, there is this guy I know who would find you delicious.

Legless Cats Under Trees
Above left: B&E's cat PeeWee being a present under their tree in Florida.
Above right: Our very own Monkey Cat thought he might test out that pose as well.

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