Sunday, February 12, 2017

More kids: 4 boys, 1 girl total

Beatrice and Bowie Jr.

Zena and Ziggy Stardust
Twins: Roger Ramjet and Bowie Jr.
Beatrice nosing the David Bowie look alike above. Cutest picture gets first dibs.

Pics to the right are kids in order of appearance. One of the youngest, Zena, gave us Ziggy Stardust on Tuesday. She is an excellent mother, especially considering it is her first time kidding.

Friday morning Beatrice gave us twin boys: Roger Ramjet and Bowie Jr. Roger has been struggling to stay alive. Even a trip to the vet and multiple hours of resting in our laps inside, and resting in the bathtub for even more hours, and we still cannot tell if he will make it or not. But he is trying.

And this afternoon Rosie provided us with another honey-colored boy who is twice the size of his Bowie-colored sister. Not the best at sexing baby goats right after their birth, so I could be wrong, but pretty sure the last one is a little girl. (My God I look old in that picture!)

I will do a better job of posting when things settle down a bit. We still have 4 pregnant goats, and it is snowing something fierce out there, and Cyrus is having a blast barking at all of the deer who show up really well in the snow!

Some day soon we will all settle down.
Bowie Jr. and Ziggy

Rosie with her new boy
Rosie gave us the first girl (I think)

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