Saturday, August 11, 2018

Twin bucks and digging chicks

For several months now I have been seeing 2 young bucks near the house. They must be twins because they appear to be the same age, probably about 3 years old, and they are still hanging out together. For the past few weeks, I have only been seeing one of them. These are the best pics I could get at 6:30 a.m. while Woody and Cyrus were out there barking at him. I thought maybe the twins had separated, but then later this morning I saw them together again (with Woody and Cyrus barking at both of them). Watch out buckies, the hunting neighbors have seen you too.

The 4 remaining chicks are getting big, but still sleeping under mom at night. At least now they are easier to count because they don't fit under her very well anymore. Last week I closed up the coop one night without counting them, and the dark one with the light head was left out all night. Luckily it only rained a bit in the morning. Husband found the soggy little one at the door trying to get in when he went out to open up the coop.

The 2 hens wandering by in the background of the video are the BFFs who were sitting on eggs crammed in the same nest box together. And for a week or so when it was really hot and humid, sitting on no eggs in the same box, because I removed the eggs which were too old to hatch. The box is really only big enough for one, but for some reason they had to share. They are still sleeping in the 1 box together, and hanging out together during the day. At least they finally decided to come back outside and join the others. Chicken relationships are always fascinating.

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