Monday, February 20, 2012

New additions

Just when you thought we were done...

In thinking about what to do with the naked girl who doesn't want to leave her cozy chicken hospital to rejoin the others in the coop, we decided to get her some baby chicks to keep her company. Since she is Red Momma, who kept trying to sit on her eggs to hatch them, we thought that maybe she would accept some little ones as her own. Of course we did not consider the fact that chicks need to be kept at constant temperature of around 90°, and that would be hard to accomplish in a cold garage even with a heat lamp.

So the babies are in a plastic crate in the Music Room. They are just 1 week old today. As they get a little bigger and get their big-girl feathers, we will see how Red Momma accepts them...or doesn't.

They are 3 Rhode Island Reds (the orangey-red ones) similar to Red Momma but she is a mix. The little brown ones are Araucana/Ameraucana otherwise known as Easter Eggers because they lay all different color eggs—turquoise, aqua, olive green.

The cats are very much interested in the peeping coming from behind closed doors, but the dogs are definitely older and going deaf, because they don't hear a thing, and that's a good thing.

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  1. Jersey Girl2/20/12, 4:49 PM

    AW!!! They are soooo cute!!!!!