Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thank you Rick and Michele

We sent our 2 favorite pigs off to Larry's Custom Meats yesterday, but they did not go willingly. Everyone says that pigs are very smart, so everyone must be right. Rick Perry took some convincing, but fairly quickly jumped up onto the trailer. Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, was not taking any of the bribes we offered (banana, dog biscuits, pig feed, beef fat). Bob, our transport guy, allowed us to do our best, much to his amusement I am sure. Finally with his help we were able to convince her to go, but not until The Husband and I were covered in pig poo. I guess we deserved it.

This is our first experience in "harvesting" any of our animals, and it was not easy for either of us. As much as I know all of the good reasons for doing this, I could have happily kept those piggies as pets; but if we are going to continue to eat meat, I do feel better about knowing that my meat comes from some very spoiled and happy animals.

Thank you, my pigs.


  1. I feel badly for the pigs. I will miss them!!

  2. dear god they're pigs! name the next one Procioutto (spelling)!

  3. See you're living up to your name, cranky! These pigs were special because they were mine! :)

  4. Katy, I whole heatedly agree with you. Raise them well, and know that they had a good life. Be grateful for what you gave them and what you will receive in return. My neighbor could learn a thing or two from you I think.

    I must admit, that sometimes getting the deed done goes easier than others. I'm with Cranky on the name giving however. We named our geese "Thanksgiving and Christmas.' And just so you know, we ate Thanksgiving, but Christmas is still waddling out back. (See what i mean?!!!) ;) ~ Lynda

  5. Without getting too political, let's just say we named them for Republicans for whom we had no respect, and we are Dems...not that it made it any easier to send them off...