Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey, what happened to that warm winter?

We were supposed to get 2" to 4" of snow yesterday, after having very little this year. We probably got about 4" to 6", but look what's happening today! Hey, c'mon, it's March 1, knock it off with the snow!

At least we won't feel as though we wasted our payment to our snowblower, Mr. Kelley. It would have been tough to hand over the $300 we still owe him at the end of the season knowing that he only came out 3 times before this. He's earning his money today I am sure.


  1. Wow! Well, don't complain too much... we had 80 degrees and tornadoes yesterday...
    ~ Lynda

  2. Oh! I forgot to tell you how beautiful your photograph is! Love it! ~ L