Friday, March 9, 2012

New snow, new chicks, new feathers

Even though we have fresh snow again this morning, I do believe we are on our way to warmer temps. The snow in the previous photos mostly melted away in the last 2 days when it was almost 60°. Then it is cold again today, snowing on and off, but warm again in a few days.

The new chicks are doing well. They are getting big, and enjoying their new digs. They have outgrown their plastic bin, and moved into the dog crate (the same one the 2 pigs actually fit into when we first brought them home). I had to rearrange the crate a few times, because the chicks keep messing up their water and food with all their antics—flapping their wings, jumping up on things, pecking at each other and chirping away—just being crazy kids like they're supposed to be.

I think they will have to be inside chicks for a few more weeks. Even though their new feathers are coming in quickly and will keep them warmer, I have to keep them separated from the big girls until they are big enough to defend themselves.

And just look at those new feathers! The little barbs with the new feathers inside actually push out the downy baby feathers. Until the real feathers fluff out, the girls look pretty scraggly.

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