Sunday, March 11, 2012


We went to meet the babies who will become the latest additions to the growing family at Lester's Flat—goats. Karen, who also works at the Farmer's Museum, has a beautiful farm not too far from here. Her goat mamas have produced 14 kids for us to choose from, but we will only be taking 3. I thought we would actually be choosing those 3 when we went to see them yesterday, but she still has not made up her mind as to which ones she wants to keep, and I can see why. They are all very adorable.

For as long as The Husband will allow me, these are the best photos of the kids—the only ones where they were standing still long enough to have their pictures taken. Thankfully, they were chewing on his jacket, and not on his hair, like they were doing to me when I sat down.

We were both impressed with how well this large assortment of animals all get along in one barn. In addition to the kittens and chickens and goats, there were adult cats, dogs, about 30 cows and calves, and who knows what else. The goat kids were jumping on and off a calf who was resting on the floor (or trying to).

I am thinking it is a good thing that Karen cares for them until mid-May—let them use up some of that kid energy before they come to live with us. I am not sure we can keep them entertained quite so easily.


  1. Hi it's Ella! How is roo? Miss u luv u

  2. Ella! Hello! Roo is fine, except for being bad. Check your e-mail.

  3. Jersey Girl3/14/12, 1:07 PM

    Dear Lester & Sophie,
    We cannot wait to see you!! I will come home early to stay with you on Friday! Love, Jersey Girl

    1. Yeah, but how cute are these goat kids?

  4. I am still waiting for my husband to say "Yes" to goats. I really want some minis. Happy for you! ~ Lynda