Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home again, home again, lickety split!

Had a big scare with the big Lester yesterday. He had 2 seizures: one at 5 am, and one at 1 pm. I couldn't call the vet until 9 am yesterday, which was torture, sitting there with the poor guy waiting to find out what to do. But the answer was not to do anything, that they don't treat older dogs with anticonvulsant meds, and the actual seizures won't hurt him.

He recovered completely from the first one after about an hour and a half, and I thought all was back to normal, but then he had another one after lunch. So I brought him in to the vet. They kept him overnight, which I was none too happy about. I'm sure that he wasn't either, especially because no one is in there at night, and he's such a big Mama's boy. But he made it through OK, and I just brought him home a little while ago. Check out his smiley face 10 minutes after he came through the door.

Blood work showed an infection, probably bacterial, and they are hoping that was the cause of the seizures, because it is easily treated with antibiotics. If that is not the cause, and he continues to have them after the infection is gone, the other possible causes are not pretty. It may mean a brain tumor, or lesion, neither of which is easily treated.

So now we are on hold until next week when they'll test his blood again to be sure he is on the proper antibiotic. I just have to pray he doesn't have any more seizures, because they are just too scary to watch—mostly because I can't do anything to help him. Poor old guy!

And an update on the wandering Sophie: She did it again—wandered off just a few days later. I watched her this time, and saw her headed in the same direction. So I jumped in the car and drove back there. She was in almost exactly the same spot as the last time, but this time refused to come even when she saw me. Stinker! So I had to trudge through the briars and muck to go get her, and there I found the reason for her interest in this spot—a dead deer, all to herself because Lester doesn't even know it's there. Stinker! (literally)

So now I either walk with them on the leash, or I keep them right with me and herd them back into the house before they can get into any trouble... Yeah...right...


  1. Sorry your dog is not well... it is so hard when they hurt because they can't tell you what hurts. Hoping he get's a clean bill of health on his next vet visit! ~ Lynda

  2. Jersey Girl4/6/12, 5:45 PM

    We love you very much Lester! You are so much fun to play with. I hope you can come visit really soon!!! Please get better quickly!!!!