Friday, April 13, 2012

The Old Guy rallies

Lester had a total of 4 seizures since the last post. He is on a low dose of medication to prevent them (phenobarbitol) and it must be working because he hasn't had a seizure since Easter Sunday at 3:30 am. He has good days and bad, but I think now that our friend Dr. Lucy has straightened out the dosing, the Old Guy is on the mend. We still don't know what is causing the seizures, and that could be any number of bad things, but at least my old pester's personality is coming back.

We had a nice long walk on this lovely spring-like day. We went to see our favorite mechanic, who keeps a big box of big Milk Bones in his office. Lester wanted me to post these photos so that everyone can see he's back to normal. Let's hope that normal lasts a good long while!

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  1. Jersey Girl4/14/12, 5:07 PM

    We love you, Lester!!! You mean so much to us!!