Friday, May 25, 2012

The big fish, the big razor, and the really big Vampire Mickey Mouse!

Chazoo's barn and house, which are adjacent to our property, were for sale since before he passed away last summer. It came off the market, and his daughters are now ready to put it back up. Just recently they sent me keys so that I could go through all the stuff that is left in there, and try to sell as much as I can. LOTS of stuff, that's why I haven't been on here lately!

I get to keep half of what I make—which was the inspiration for putting some things up on eBay, something I have never done before. (The 8-ft tall inflatable Vampire Mickey is up for auction with only a few hours left...get your bids in early!) I've also been bringing back a few things for us, mostly some old local history books and other funky things like an old set of pool balls. I had my eyes on the big fish in the big photo, but The Husband wasn't feeling the love for it, so I quickly found a home for it with Cousin Greg. At least the big cool fish won't end up in a dump somewhere.

And, tell me what this big old heavy metal razor was for? It weighs a ton! There's lots of real treasures in there for the picking...but I am not sure that any of them are really worth anything...

The price of Chazoo's Farm is down to $50k for the barn, 2 beat up old houses, and 4 acres. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that some history-loving folks will see the beauty of this place!

Finally, thanks to all who have asked, Lester is still hanging in there, and doing better than expected—back to being his old Pester self!


  1. Jersey Girl5/25/12, 4:10 PM

    We sure do love Lester and Sophie!

  2. Do you know who the farm is listed with?