Monday, May 7, 2012

Sophie in the spotlight

Sophie was feeling a bit left out with all the Lester posts. As usual, she spends most of the day napping on the sofa. She's still sporting her shaved belly from the ultrasound she had back in January—evidence that Lester isn't the only old dog in the house.

Both are doing well. Things have calmed down at Lester's Flat, just in time for spring weather to finally kick in for good (we hope). Lester is peeing in the house less often, and waking me at night less frequently. In fact, Sophie is picking up the slack and waking me a few times on her own just because she can, which might explain why she spends her days sleeping on the sofa!

We did have some excitement (on Little Sister's birthday) where Ben, the Jack Russell terrier from across the street, grabbed Red Meanie (hen) and tried to make a picnic lunch out of her. She was very much beat up in the process, but is now recovering nicely, feathers growing back. And the baby chicks are babies no longer—they are about the size that the others were when we got them last year. We still have them somewhat separated from the rest; they are keeping Red Meanie company in the satellite coop/chicken hospital.

I have to get some photos of the babies soon, but Red Meanie is not quite ready for her photo shoot... Stay tuned.

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