Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The family has left the building, and the Wild Wood

We had a great week of family visits with my mother-in-law Rita staying the weekend, and then 14YO Claire and 11YO Ella staying the rest of the week. That is Ella above, a self-portrait. The girls cooked for us, and entertained the crazy new dog and Sophie during their stay. Sophie and Dave the Cat slept with them on the night of the ugly thunderstorms. Everyone left us on Friday last week and none of us wanted them to go.

Wildwood is a crazy place to be on the beach ("at the shore") in the summer in NJ. The wild Woody dog is not quite as crazy as all that, but close to it. He is perfectly calm, willing to stay in his crate while I am gone (new job!) for 9 hours during the day, but then he gets this crazy look in his eyes and, with no warning, he jumps on the sofa, throws off all the pillows and cushions, and turns into the real WildWood. (pictures to follow)

And then he has these wonderfully quiet moments with Sophie, where you would think they had been buddies forever.

Surprisingly he is a perfectly well behaved boy off-leash. He always comes back when you call him, and he loves to run off excess energy at full speed, blasting through the creek and our wildly overgrown property. His belly is all scratched up from his wild romps through the weeds. On the leash however, he quickly learned to free himself no matter how tight I made his collar. That's why he's wearing the blue harness in these photos. I hope to lose that eventually...

Note to Dawn and Larry (Woody's foster parents): He is staying here forever—you are not getting him back. We love him too much! (even Sophie does)

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