Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcoming the Wood Man and work

No chance we are returning this guy on Sunday...much too handsome to return. Plus, just kooky enough that he reminds me of the young Lester, a true knucklehead.

Sophie is not exactly sure she wants him to stay, but she is being stoic, persevering. I tried to warn her that Woody might have a not-so-positive effect on her nice, quiet, sleepy lifestyle; but I think she's trying to sleep even more so that maybe she'll wake up and find him gone. They'll both settle in soon enough.

Some NJ family are coming up today, so I have lots of cleaning to do to prepare. I just wanted to get this post up there before the mayhem ensues. The Toddlers & Tiaras girls from last year are staying with us for the week. Not sure that we'll have as many pageants as last year, perhaps they've outgrown the pageant life. (We can only hope!)

I had a job interview today for doing some graphic design for a local paper. I have the weekend to think about it. It's less money than what I am used to, but then I am older and slower than I used to be—NOT! We'll see...

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