Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring! Ha!

In a perfect world, the first day of spring would look just like the masthead at the top (with the big Lester). Only that photo was taken on May 20, 2011, and maybe the color was enhanced just a bit in Photoshop... In 2012, we had a frost in early spring that killed almost all of the apple blossoms, so we had no pretty spring photos AND no apples last year.

The first day of spring 2013 looks just like this. A foot of snow yesterday, and snow showers for the next several days, including this afternoon while the sun was shining. We had just gotten to the point this weekend where we could see almost all of the grass, and some of the trees have the earliest leaf buds. Now it's white all over again.

If you can see the snow that's disturbed in the bottom right of the big photo—I think that was from last night where a few of the deer dug themselves a bed in the snow, right over the leach field for the septic, nice and warm! Good thing Woody has a sheet over his crate. That is right outside the window where he sleeps.

I took these photos while I had Woody out on the leash in the back. I can't even let him out to go to the bathroom, because he jumps the fence and takes off, never to be seen again. So I take him out on the leash, and he barks like a fool and aims himself at the chosen weak spot—straight ahead of him in the photo. He had also just seen some deer wandering back there, so he was even more interested in the great escape.

Sophie just hangs out on the porch with me. We both wonder if he will ever calm down.

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