Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wood Man—Wood Stove—Chickens—Snow

I've been neglecting the blog again...sorry folks! I've had the flu (or some nasty bug) for almost 3 weeks now. That's my main excuse, that and I just have not been motivated to take many photos of our snowy landscape.

This winter hasn't really been as bad as they predicted. We have had a fairly constant snow cover, but in inches, not feet. It warms up and melts, we can see the grass, and then it snows again within a day. What we are missing, most of all, is sunshine! This grey snowy landscape just doesn't inspire me to go out with my camera.

The Wood Man and me, we're staying close to the woodstove. He gets so close to it that I am surprised he doesn't start burning up. I can't even pick up the poker for how hot it is, and he lays right on top of it!

Woody is making very slow progress with his training. I think we need spring to inspire us both to work harder on that...

But those chickens think it IS spring. They are out and about every day, strolling around in the snow, hanging out in Charlie's barn, and laying about 8 eggs a day compared to their winter totals of about 10 eggs a month. The first sign of spring is when my araucana (the blonde to the right of Roo in the closeup) lays her first blue egg since November!

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