Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 100th Birthday Lester Flatt!

For those of you who have not been paying attention, Lester's Flat was named after our dog Lester, who was named for Lester Flatt. The real Lester Flatt would be 100 years old today! Happy Birthday!

As for the latest goings on at the Flat: on Sunday night we traded Saanen Tony for another young goat, an Oberhasli. The Husband wants a young buck who is unrelated to our "herd" so that we can use him for future breeding. We both wanted a goat with color, and the brown and black little Obie was a good choice, although a week younger and much smaller than the strapping young man we traded away...on Father's Day no less! Our first born son...

Only problem is that the Obie, who we named Bart, had a case of the runs that didn't improve after 3 days on Pepto, so I took him back to his first owner to see if she could make him healthy again. Better that she take care of him than to have something go terribly wrong after he is all ours!

The Husband says they have already "bonded" so we must get him back. And we will, I am sure.

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