Sunday, July 6, 2014

Not for Sissies

We had a beautiful 4th of July weekend here in upstate NY! A few of The Husband's cousins were up from various parts—including Terry and Kimball from FL. Kim and I went to a lady's lunch on the veranda at The Otesaga on Thursday. Friday The Hub and I mostly did some work around the house. Saturday we went to Cousin Greg's for a BBQ with T&K and Brian and Maria. They all went out on the lake to see the fireworks, we came home to shut up some animals.

Then, today we took a ride up the hill to see all the work that T&K have completed on their humble abode in the woods. They live in FL most of the year, and stay up here for about a month in the summer. Terry built this house himself several years ago, and just now the 2 of them are getting around to making it livable. (Thus the need for the lady's lunch on Thursday! Kim tried to get a pedicure in Coop'town, but apparently Coop'town don't do pedicures...)

They celebrated work completed with 2 Coronas today before leaving again for FL on Tuesday.

The Airstream provides all the comforts of home (sort of) until they whip the house into shape.


  1. We could use one of those while we work on the property we own in the Freedom Hills of Tuscumbia, AL. It is such a long drive and we have no place to spend the night when we get there. Hm...

  2. Thanks for the fun pics! Enjoyed all of our visits - thanks for the moral support during Peters Boot Camp. I'll be recovered sometime in August. Great trip home but hotter in the Shenandoah than here - hard to believe. Your blog is most entertaining and what a great little camera you have. Best to Tim and already looking forward to next visit! LOL

  3. P.S. to pixilatedtoo - the airstream provides clean comfort and even stands up to the Upstate NY winters pretty darn well. We found an old one and gutted it - nothing fancy but with some shelves, table and chairs and a bed, you are all set.

    1. Thanks, Greendog! We really need to do something like this soon. For what we've spent on gas we could be enjoying the comforts of an altered airstream AND be able to stay over long enough to get some real work done! '-)
      ~ Lynda