Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Silly Dog, the Sick Goat Boy and Zombie Chickens

Not sure why exactly, but a certain big white hound dog decided to leave the comfort of his favorite chair (seen to the left with the cushion he's been chewing on) and hop onto the table out in the backyard. When I went out to question him about his plans for his next move, he gave me the I-am-guilty look and held his ground. Only when I came back inside did he concede that it really wasn't that comfortable after all.

Little brown goat boy that we named Bart got sent back to his first home for special care. We are going back to get him this weekend, but not sure if we are going to take him or his twin brother. Kid brother was smaller to start, but has been healthy the whole time even though many of the other goats in the barn got the same virus that he had.

Steph, a co-worker of mine, had a dream the other night about coming to my house and seeing "zombie chickens" lined up at our front door each presenting an egg to me. ???

Our non-zombie chicks are almost full grown—grown enough that I can tell at least one of them is a rooster (the Buff Orp in the last pic). The Ameraucanas turned out to be Easter Eggers, meaning they are a mixed breed, a "chicken mutt" that still lays blue or green eggs.

They are really pretty chickens, all different colors, and some of them have the cheek feathers of the Ameraucanas. The one with the white head is the one that was the smallest chick in my earlier photos. She has definitely caught up to the others in size.

They are still not laying eggs, at least not anywhere that we can find them. And the older chickens are doing a fine job of hiding their eggs in all kinds of crazy places: in and under the hay manger in the goat shed, under the car, in the weeds. I also caught one young lady eating the eggs in the nest box. She came out with egg on her face, and the egg in the box had a nice beak-size hole in it.

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  1. Possible reasons for the BWHD to be found on the table:

    1. Thinks he's a cat
    2. Enjoying the view
    3. Playing King of the Mountain

    ~ Lynda ":<>