Saturday, May 2, 2015

Other boys take a rest too

Since Cyrus, Woody and the goat kids have been taking up all of my posts recently, I thought it was only proper to capture a peaceful moment with the cat boys—Willie and MonkeyCat. They were tussling like the dogs when we first brought the Monkey home (video below from October 1) but now they seem to truly like each other. None of our other cat pairs have been so close and comfortable.

Willie is still a bit put out by the fact that Monkey spends so much time downstairs with the dogs. Monkey, the cat ambassador, says "Can't we all just get along?"

The dogs are beginning to adjust...

Just in the past few days I have seen Will come down. He mostly hangs out on the stairs just watching the mayhem. But when the dogs are suitably distracted, or spending time outside on the porch, Will and Monkey will sneak downstairs and go play in the basement. Once they even spent some time with me on the sofa while the pooches were sleeping.

Soon there will be peace in the house. That is my goal.

Wish me luck!

Update: As I was uploading this post, the dogs were sleeping on the living room floor, Monkey on the dog bed. Willie came into the living room and meowed, looking for Monkey. If he had just been silent, he might have gotten away with it...

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