Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pigs and goats, hay and wood

I discovered that the pigs LOVE to be showered on a hot day, and even a not so hot day. I leave the hose running on them and they all gather under it. When I turn off the water, they roll their nice clean bodies in the muddy puddles left behind.

Today I was a dummy and left the water running for about 4 hours. Oops! Lots of mud today!

If everything goes according to plan, we are selling Beatrice (brown and black goat) and her mom Rosie (white goat) this weekend. We put Beatrice, just born in March up on Craig's List, because we want to keep Charlie, her father, as a breeding buck, and don't want him to breed her. The folks who are buying Beatrice were also interested in Rosie, so we decided to let her go as well.

In trade (rather than a sale) we are getting 25 bales of second-cut hay, and 4 face cords of firewood. The wood can't get here soon enough for me. It's been downright chilly here at night, down as low as 42°. I just can't bring myself to turn on the heat in September. I am pretty sure there were a few days in early June where I was begging for some heat as well.

It's been a strange summer. I am hoping that Fall lasts through November this year.

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