Friday, October 16, 2015

My gray hair and Good Craig/Bad Craig

My gray hair

I grew my hair really long this past year with the intent to donate it to Locks of Love. They were having a hair-cutting event in Doubleday Field here in May—donate your hair to make wigs for cancer patients. I was surprised to discover that, not only do they not accept hair that is more than 5% gray, but that they do not actually make wigs for cancer patients. The wigs they do give out are for children with alopecia (permanent hair loss). They sell a lot of the hair that is donated, and I just don't like the sound of that.

I am doing a bit more research. There are other places that do accept donations of gray hair, and even places that will buy it. For the amount of time that it takes to grow my hair long enough to retrieve an 8" to 12" ponytail, I would prefer to donate it, but I have to be sure that the donation actually goes to someone in need, someone in need who is looking for a gray-haired wig. I have never dyed my hair and I do not want to donate it if they are just going to dye it to give to someone else.

Good Craig/Bad Craig (Craig's List)

Good Craig: We've purchased several chickens and all of our ducks on Craig's List, bought our freezer, found a great source of hay, and more that I don't remember. We have also sold the old Thermador cooktop, too many hams from the pigs, and quite a bit from Charlie's barn.

Bad Craig: The deal to trade Beatrice and Rosie for firewood and hay fell through. Apparently they were too busy with their own farm life to make it happen. Now I am on my fourth round of attempts at getting firewood from other Craig's List postings. Every time I think I have someone lined up, they either don't call me back, or they have some reason as to why they can't come out today, or next week looks good but then I can't get them to call me next week. Or I do get them on the phone, another week goes by, and then they don't show up on Saturday to deliver it.

It's the middle of October and I still don't have firewood! At least propane prices are low right now, and I have yet another firewood person scheduled to come out tomorrow.

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