Thursday, October 22, 2015

Smashing fruit and veg

In addition to my cheese-making ventures, I have been smashing LOTS of apples and tomatoes. I have a freezer full of quart bags of tomato sauce, at least a dozen pint jars of apple butter, plus a few jars of apple sauce. (Guess what you are all getting for Christmas this year!)

The old apple trees on our property produce probably thousands of apples in a good year, maybe tens in a bad one. About 2 years ago I sold 5 bushels to the Fly Creek Cider Mill for $10 a bushel. This year they were not in the market for "wild apples" so I smashed as many as The Husband could pick and made apple butter, apple sauce, a few apple pancakes and apple/cheddar omelets. We can only eat so many apples, and I haven't even gotten around to making a pie yet!

Cyrus and the WoodMan are uninterested in my apple smashing. They will eat bits and pieces, but most of the bruised parts and skins and seeds go to the pigs. We got 3 pigs earlier than usual this year. It is working out well because they eat all of the garden/apple tree leftovers, and they really like the whey left from the goat cheese.

The WoodMan doesn't care for the apples, but he does LOVE my new blanket from Land's End. (My new blanket, not his, but he doesn't know that yet.) Funny thing is, because it is a kind of velvety fleece, it stays with him when he gets up. He looks like he is wearing a Halloween costume wandering around with his blue blankie attached to his rear end. Very cute!

Happy Halloween to one and all. I hope you all do not have neighbors like my friend Maryellen's. This last photo is from outside her window, across the street. Unfortunately there is sound to accompany the horror...

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