Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Indian summer (why do they call it that?)

There have been some really spectacular fall days in the past few weeks. Of course, now that I have my firewood all stacked and ready to burn, it's been nice and warm and sunny. Today I took the dogs up to visit with Don on the Hill and his dog Bandit. According to weather reports it was 70° on this fine November day. I wish I had the camera up there when the leaves were still brilliant, but even now that they are brown, Don has the most beautiful views.

The single dog in the photo is Bandit with Canadarago Lake behind him. The 2 dogs (constantly) begging for cookies are the infamous Woody and Cyrus. If you look just over the back of the Adirondack chair, you can see our house down below. It's a good thing that the dogs have not recognized how close we are to home. They have traveled down the hill as far as the Firemen's Field (BAD dogs!) but have not yet made it all the way back to the house.

The big photo is the best my little Nikon Coolpix can do with a nighttime shot. The moon was so huge and pretty last week, I just had to try. The moon has been huge, and pretty, and bright enough that Cyrus can see all the deer eating the leftover apples at 3 am.

Still working on it.

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