Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A funny story and a funny egg

It's just a coincidence that Woody is the star of this and the last post. The other animals are equally interesting, he is just more available, and he does enjoy posing for me.

The funny story: At the end of March I was on eBay selling a rifle bayonet that used to be my grandfather's. While I was checking on the auction, I also decided to look for a piece of fabric to replace the cushion on the chair in the living room. The dogs, with their big long toenails, sit there more than we humans with our cushy butts. The material was wearing thin. I found a perfect color and nice strong material to match the pillow that is on the back of the chair. This was a chair that I trash-picked from my neighbor in NJ. He had put it out to the curb because there was a problem with it (tiny worm holes in the wood) and the place he had ordered it from just sent him a new one. He kept the removable back cushion just in case he ever needed a replacement.

So the funny part (at least I think it's funny) is that I reupholstered the seat cushion with the new fabric just about 10 days before Jim decided to send me the back cushion with the old fabric on it. I have had this chair about 10 years and he mails me the big cushion all the way from Virginia just after I change the fabric. Luckily the pillow cover I had on there pretty easily fit the new/old cushion. Conveniently, the old pillow that was inside was pretty much near death, having been a present from Mom when I went off to college... No need to tell you how long ago that was!

So Jim, this post is for you. Thanks for reuniting the chair with its cushion. As you can see, Woody is quite pleased.

The funny egg is just a mystery. How does a blue egg shell completely wrap itself around a brown egg laid by a different chicken? Some crafty hen with a glue gun?

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  1. The chair is looking good. Sorry it took me so long to return the cushion to its rightful place.