Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring back, shed here, sunny days and shrubs

April: snow, cold, warm, snow melts, cold, more snow, more sun, snow melts... As of today we have sun and green grass again. Happy Woody pics from today, snowy shed delivery from last Wednesday.

The Husband wanted a bigger barn for his recently increasing herd of goats. Maybe we should have just waited for a really big barn, instead of adding smaller ones... I'm just sayin'... So that was his birthday present to himself. He is a happy farmer, for the moment.

We are participating in a program called Trees for Tribs (tributaries). We now have an official date of May 11 for delivery of 440 trees and shrubs! I thought it was going to be 200 in April, but apparently things have changed. The last pic is of the area we had mowed in anticipation of the planting.

I believe it is a State-funded program to help stem the erosion along creeks and rivers that feed into the Susquehanna River. We had just enough flooding in our basement 4 years ago that we want to keep the creek on the back 40 as much as possible. It may (eventually) take away our view of the creek from here in the house, but that view will be obstructed by white pine, river birch, elderberry, witch hazel, red twig dogwood, blueberry, and other plants and trees I don't remember but am happy to have here to replace the goldenrod and burdock.

I don't have numbers yet, but we are also in the process of having our taxes completed by the accountant. The good news is that we would have owed about $3,000, but because of the conservation easement we signed with the Otsego Land Trust, we are taking a deduction both this year and next that might just earn us a refund. That would be a first for me. Being self-employed and not so good about paying estimated taxes, I always owe money in April. That's why I always let my taxes go to the last minute. The Husband will get his first refund as a married man! At least that's what I am hoping for.

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