Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gumby green to tomato red

Some of you will remember the screen door I had someone make for our semi-Victorian house in NJ. In its first lifetime, it was Gumby green. Somewhere along the way it was repainted turquoise, not quite as bold as the Gumby green. I needed something funky to break up the overall dark cedar color of the house.

When we decided to move up here, I did not want my funky custom-made screen door to go to waste on someone who might not appreciate it, so I brought it here to use on the screen porch in the back. The turquoise did not work with a blue-gray house, so I painted it "Tuscan Red" to match what I had chosen for the front door. A nice enough red, just not outstanding.

I am not sure why I had such a hard time choosing colors for this house, inside and out. I think part of it was the time constraints—fast decisions and so many to choose!

The exterior color choices were limited to what was available in Hardie Plank, the cement-based siding we wanted on the house. Because we went with vinyl windows instead of wood, trim was pretty much limited to white. I still like the "Evening Blue" siding that we chose, but have been unable to find secondary colors that look good with it. I just found out when the painter redid the back porch ceilings in the sky blue I did in the front (also on the porch in NJ) that The Husband does not like it at all... (Sorry Hub!)

So, on a whim, I found a new paint color "Red Parrot" for the screen door, that is just a shade darker than the orange Adirondack chair we received as a gift. I like it so much on the screen door (the test run) that I am going to repaint the front door as well. It is the color of a ripe New Jersey tomato, a perfect funk to add to the greyish siding color. I think the little scroll ornaments in the corners have been purple since Gumby days, so I might just leave them that color.

Now where will I work in some other colors? Hmmmm...

And, for this color-saturated post—how about these fresh eggs we had for breakfast this morning! Even the lightest one is a whole lot more vibrant than what we used to get in the grocery store. Can't do yellow eggs anymore. Give me all pretty, and very healthy, orange eggs!

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